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Disease Control RTS 32 oz


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BioSafe Disease Control

Keep plant diseases such as Powdery and Downy Mildew, Late Blight, and Black Spot from damaging your customer’s gardens with the powerful activated peroxygen chemistry of OxiDate and ZeroTol. Recommend they spray all season long to prevent loss and promote stronger, healthier plants.

• Begins working immediately
• Eliminates mildew, blights, wilts & more
• Biodegradeable & leaves no harmful residue
• RTS nozzle dispenses horizontal or vertical spray
• 32 fl. oz. (1 qt) RTS treats up to 12,000 sq ft

EPA # 70299-9.
EPA Reg. No. 70299-16.

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Weight 2.1600 lbs
Dimensions 3.500 × 3.500 × 10.250 in