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Thirsty Light Curve


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The Thirsty Light is a digital plant moisture sensor that blinks an LED to alert the user when it is time to water a potted plant. It is designed to be unobtrusive when left in the soil of a plant, where it continuously monitors conditions, testing the moisture level once per second.

Thirsty Light can sense 5 different levels of dryness, causing the light to blink faster as the soil gets dryer, increasing the urgency of its call to action. When it reaches the fifth level, “completely dry,” the device goes into standby mode to conserve electricity, emitting a double blink every 3 seconds. There is a low-battery mode as well: a slow triple blink. The Thirsty Light comes with a comprehensive and informative user and watering guide.

  • Angled probe for hanging plants
  • Blinks faster as soil dries
  • Great for dorms, homes & offices
  • Stops chronic overwatering
  • Comes with user’s manual and watering guide

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Weight 0.2000 lbs
Dimensions 7.500 × 5.500 × 1.250 in

Thirsty Light