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Waterproof TDS Tester11 Plus


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The Oakton TDSTestr 11 Series TDS testers have large, easy-to-read two-line displays that show units, measurement status, and a battery life indicator. The replaceable electrode allows for reuse of the same meter body over and over. The tester’s temperature readout simultaneously displays in °C or °F. The full reading is displayed; there is no need to multiply the readout to obtain actual test values. The tester features an adjustable (0.4 to 1.0) TDS factor to provide better accuracy. Simple push-button calibration is more precise than trimpot adjustment – no screwdrivers needed.

Oakton TDSTestr 11 TDS testers have a hold function which freezes the reading until you can record it. The auto shut-off feature saves battery life when the tester is not in use. The waterproof, dustproof housing meets IP67 ratings plus it floats. The tester features automatic temperature compensation (ATC) to give you accurate readings even with fluctuating temperatures.

Oakton TDSTestr 11 TDS testers operate as either cup-style or dip-style tester for greater flexibility.


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Weight 0.4700 lbs
Dimensions 7.700 × 2.700 × 1.900 in