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Water Alarm


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You may already use an alarm to protect the security of your family in your home and car, so why not protect your valuable indoor garden and the floors and walls which support it? Instead of alerting you to the presence of intruders, this Water Alarm alerts you to the potential problem of moisture buildup, which can be devastating for your plants, and— once it wreaks havoc in your greenery—your home’s structure. The Water Alarm detects standing or running water, condensation, or moisture in carpeting or other types of flooring.

Place a Water Alarm in any room where water could cause damage. When moisture comes in contact with any two adjacent metal legs, the alarm will sound an extremely loud (110 dB) warning.

Users manual with installation instructions and complete warranty information included. Uses a standard 9V battery (not included).

Alarm chirps when battery is low.

Note: photo shows alarm with optional remote sensor

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Weight 0.2000 lbs
Dimensions 3.250 × 3.250 × 2.000 in

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