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VermiWorm Premium Worm Castings .75 cf


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VermiWorm Premium Worm Castings are created by Red Wigglers; these are pure Eisenia Fetida castings. They are farmed organically in California by agriculturists who truly care about what they do. VermiWorms are fed a specific diet of organic matter containing no manures or chemicals. With the correct food sources and the removal of competing pathogens, the earthworms can digest and excrete higher levels of beneficial biology. VermiWorm can be used as a soil conditioner for any natural potting soil and as a primary ingredient in compost tea.

• Optimizes soil life for plant vigor
• Increases available food resources
• Promotes above average levels of active bacteria, fungi and protozoa
• Produces amazing qualities of taste, smell and nutrition in your fruits, veggies and herbs
• Re-energizes depleted soils

Includes .75 cu ft bag


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Weight 31.0000 lbs
Dimensions 24.000 × 18.000 × 3.700 in