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Ushio NaOClean Electrolyzed Water (E-Water) System


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NaOClean E Water System

Treat and Prevent Plant Diseases without Damaging the Environment

Ushio America introduces its new NaOClean Electrolyzed Water (E Water) technology to the horticulture market (for commercial, on-site and indoor use only). E Water technology has been widely used in Japan for years and now Ushio is bringing this proven technology to the US, where electrolyzed water is already recognized and regulated by EPA and approved by USDA for use in organic crop production.

With the increasing problems of bacteria and fungal diseases affecting plants, the NaOClean E Water system enhances healthy growth and can be used to control plant diseases of greenhouse-grown crops. The NaOClean system reduces the use of synthetic chemical disinfectants and preservatives. It is an alternative technology that can potentially suppress microbial growth without damaging the environment.

Generating up to 300 gallons per hour of neutral electrolyzed water, the NaOClean E Water System allows growers and farmers to produce a highly-effective spray solution to treat and prevent plant diseases on-site. Leaving no residue, and having no plant toxicity, electrolyzed water, in general, is safe to use for the control and suppression of bacteria, powdery mildew, molds, fungus, and other plant microbes commonly found on crops.

Operating on a 120V power, the NaOClean E Water System utilizes standard hose end connections and an integrated sediment filter for incoming water. The easy-to-install system comes complete with electrolysis cell, commercial grade hose-reel, salt tank, and quick connect tubing.

The NaOClean unit is compact in size making this easy to transport and ideal to fit in areas with limited space. Combined with the ease of maintenance and cost efficient upkeep of the NaOClean E Water system, the unit is positioned to be a valued asset for nurseries and greenhouses.

Safe to use:

  • E-Water can be generated onsite, eliminates the transportation, storage of dangerous chemicals
  • No concerns about chemical vapors, risk of caustic burns
  • Improvements to plant working conditions and also significantly reduces risks to safety of personnel


Features & Benefits:

  • Enhances Healthy Growth and Potentially Suppresses Certain Diseases, Powdery Mildew, and Molds that are Harmful to Plants
  • Compact in Size and Easy to Use and Maintain
  • Promotes Neutral pH Levels for Improved Plant Growth
  • Newest Generation Unit Producing Neutral Water with pH 7.0 7.5
  • Technology Certified by Ministry of Agriculture of Japan to be Safely Used as Pesticide for Organic Growing



Healthy Plants Diseased Plants


The NaOClean E Water system is a cost effective solution and a worthwhile investment in the long term for treating and preventing plant diseases.

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