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Upstart Garden Mat, 4′ x 6′, complete kit w/seed balls


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Upstart Garden Mat

All-in-one planting mat that Jump Starts your garden!

Simple to use-just roll the mat out on your prepared patch, staple it down, attach your hose, and then plant seeds using the included 65 non-gmo “seed balls.” Match the included herb, vegetable, and flower seed balls to the labeled mat and press them into the soil. Water by hand initially then irrigate daily for 10-15 minutes (or as needed) and watch them grow!

The Upstart Garden Mat blocks weeds and acts as a water saving mulch while the built-in soaker hose keeps
watering simple. Get started growing your own food and herbs with the Upstart Garden Mat.

• Includes 65 non-GMO seed balls for growing healthy vegetables, and herbs
• Optimum planting layout for 14 plant varieties
• Built-in soaker hose
• BPA-free weed barrier mat means low maintenance and better water retention

The 14 seed varieties provided in clay seed balls are:
• Tomato
• Marigold
• Beets
• Chard
• Basil
• Kale
• Onions
• Salad bowl
• Carrots
• Radish
• Jalapeño
• Bell pepper
• Chives
• Spinach

Benefits of the Upstart Garden Mat:
• Major reduction in garden setup time
• Built-in BPA-free weed barrier
• Reduces water use by up to 70%
• Low maintenance
• Built-in irrigation
• Great educational tool to teach children the joy of gardening

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Dimensions 14.250 × 10.000 × 3.750 in

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