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Tomato Barrel w/ 4′ Tower


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Grow tomatoes from the ground up no matter your space limits or climate. Hydrofarm’s portable, feature-filled tomato barrel will soon to be your go-to grow option for raising tomatoes. The tomato barrel’s sturdy and strong frame construction helps support the weight of the tomato vines as they grow lush with fruit—allowing the plant to devote more energy to growth and preventing fruit from dropping off and getting crushed. The planter itself is made of lightweight materials and comes in at just over three pounds. The barrel’s convenient reservoir system offers an easy-to-fill way to provide your tomato plants’ roots constant access to moisture and nutrients and reduces chances of over or underwatering. When you’re tired of tomatoes, take advantage of the expandable over-four-foot trellis to grow beans, peas, and other climbing plants and flowers.


  • Trellis expands to over 4 feet tall
  • 14″ inside diameter x 12″ tall
  • Includes round base and planter, 3 support rings, and 3 connecting risers
  • Grow tomatoes regardless of space limits or climate
  • Can also be used to grow beans, peas, and other climbing plants and flowers


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Weight 3.0500 lbs
Dimensions 14.960 × 14.960 × 12.990 in