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Sunshine Natural & Organic#4 2.8 cu.ft.


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Sunshine® #4 Natural & Organic

Sunshine #4 Natural & Organic is recommended where high air capacity and fast drainage are needed; during winter months; with crops that are sensitive to salt or water; or where frequent leaching is required.

Available Sizes

Available in 3.8 cu ft and 55 cu ft bales, as well as 2.8 cu ft loose fill bags. Loose fill totes are also available.

This product is also available in our 110 cu ft SunTower bale in the Central and Eastern regions.


Formulated with Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coarse grade perlite, gypsum, dolomitic lime and an organic wetting agent.


This mix is highly recommended for nursery stock, perennials, cutting propagation, hanging baskets and interiorscape.


Additional information

Weight 31.8000 lbs
Dimensions 34.000 × 20.000 × 6.000 in

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