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SunBlaster 4′ LED Shop Light


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SunBlaster brings you healthy, energy efficient indoor lighting with our new 48 Full Spectrum high output LED Shop Light fixture. Designed to deliver performance, economy and longevity while providing the best possible lighting for propagation and plant growth. With a more efficient LED array, these LEDs produce a 120-degree beam angle. Up to 6 units can be daisy chained together with link cords. Root healthier cuttings and grow stronger plants with the new SunBlaster LED Shop Light.


  • 80.6 mol/s photon flux at 120V
  • Full Spectrum with emphasis on blue to drive propagation and plant growth
  • 6,500 Kelvin rating
  • 48″ LED Strip Light
  • 5 Power Cord
  • 5 Link Cord
  • On/Off pull cord
  • Mounting chains
  • 46 Watt

Additional information

Weight 3.1500 lbs
Dimensions 46.00 × 4.50 × 1.60 in