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SunBlaster 200W CFL, 2700K, case of 6


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SunBlaster Big Watt CFL’s are high output self-ballasted lamps with low energy consumption and full spectrum lighting output.

Sunblaster’s Big Watt CFL’s are great for growers who wish to light larger spaces, or as supplemental lighting for extending growth periods in flip rooms. When you are running flip rooms you only get 12 hours on and 12 hours off. In order to keep your room in a growing or vegetative state, SunBlaster Big Watt CFL’s can fill the room with the extra 4-6 hours needed. These lamps have an E39 base and require a mogul socket for operation.

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Weight 2.2000 lbs
Dimensions 5.510 × 5.51 × 13.7 in