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SPO Ready Gro Super plug (1400


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ReadygroTM Plugs

Readygro Plugs are all-natural, soilless, starter plugs made with composted forest product. These plugs are perfect for seedlings or cuttings. Use these plugs in soil or soilless hydrogardening applications. Readygro Plugs are manufactured using a proprietary composting method which produces natural, beneficial fungi. Seedlings and cuttings grown in our plugs will be ready to transplant days ahead of plants started in other grow media. Readygro Plugs are biodegradable.

Tips for cloning success:

  • Use sterile tools (very important, please ensure your tools are cleaned often, even between cuts)
  • Do not leave standing water
  • Remove excess water after plugs have soaked for 10 min
  • Do not pull the cutting out of the plug to see if roots have formed
  • Be patient
  • Keep the environment humid but not wet
  • Vents at the top should remain closed until roots appear
  • On a daily basis, ensure Readygro plugs are well hydrated
  • If rooting in a cool environment, a heat mat may help your success
  • The rootzone temperature should be around 78 degrees
  • Once a fibrous root system has formed, transplant cutting into desired grow media

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