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Save A Drop Water Meter (36/cs)


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It is widely accepted that talking to your plants is great for their health. If they could speak to you, what would they say? Probably that they’re being over-watered.

Meet your garden’s wants and needs with the Save A Drop Meter.

Over-hydrating plants and shrubs can diminish plant health. Use the easy to read meter to measure how much water is flowing out of the hose. While in use, it calculates both accumulative watering volume and singular waterings, the amount of fluid used in between when you start and stop the hose.

Take “guesstimates” out of the equation when watering your lawn. Attach the gauge to your sprinkler and know when the time is right to turn your hose on and off.

Being aware of water consumption benefits your home, garden, greenhouse, and the planet. The Save A Drop Meter is an important tool to use when keeping your home happy and healthy.

• Prevents over-watering
• Easy to read LCD display
• Calculates both single-use and total water consumption
• Accurately measures to 1/10th of a gallon
• Rugged waterproof housing


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Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 2.000 × 2.000 × 4.000 in

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