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Replacement Carbon Filter for Small Boy/Stealth


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Now chloramines, iron, hydrogen sulphide and heavy metals don’t stand a chance against Hydrologic’s newest offering in replacement filters for all their water filter units.

KDF85 is the most advanced media that one can use when it comes to filtering water along with pre-treating water before Reverse Osmosis filters.

KDF85 not only has incredible chlorine and chloramines removal capabilities but it can also be successfully used for those on well or spring water sources to remove many other contaminants that can cause major problems in your garden.

Nutrient lockout can be caused by several factors in water quality. Water high in iron and sulfur can be very common problems that lead to decreased yield and quality. These contaminants can also quickly foul reverse osmosis membranes, so pre-treating the water and removing them is crucial to a properly operating filter system.

KDF85 replacement filters are available for all Hydrologic’s reverse osmosis and de-chlorinating filters. Your beneficial micro-organisms will thrive and be at their healthiest population by removing these harmful substances.

Your plants will thank you with bountiful harvest and superior quality. Pure water’s not magic, it’s logic!

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Weight 2.0000 lbs
Dimensions 3.000 × 3.000 × 9.800 in