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Refurbished – Autopilot Digital pH Controller




The Autopilot Digital pH Controller (APCEPH1) accurately and reliably measures and controls the pH of any water-based solution, including hydroponic nutrient mixtures, and fish aquarium water.

After selecting the desired pH setting from 5.0 to 8.0 pH, the pH controller measures the pH value of the solution and automatically adds pH adjustment (either acid or alkaline) to change the liquid’s pH to the selected level. The pH controller includes a chemically resistant low voltage dosing pump plus both pH and temperature sensors. Features include a digital display, adjustable dosing time, adjustable mixing time, adjustable pH dead band, maximum number of dosing cycles, pH high and low limits, and a data logger which shows the minimum and maximum pH recorded. Never before has there been a pH controller with these features for this value. Get automatedget Autopilot!

High precision measurement and control
Automatically controls pH direction up or down
Simple, user-friendly interface

Additional information

Weight 4.0000 lbs
Dimensions 12.20 × 5.50 × 5.90 in