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Radix Layer Kit,Optional 3rd Layer w/LED Light for Radix S-Vertical


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Radix Layer Kit Optional Third Layer

Increase production capacity by 50% in your Radix S-Kit Vertical Farm! The Radix Layer Kit is an optional third layer that can be added to the Radix S-Vertical Farm (part # VHR1002) and other Radix configurations. Radix systems are modular, hybrid vertical farming systems that deliver commercial-quality lighting and nutrients for high-density growing in a compact footprint.

The Radix Layer Kit is designed as an addition to existing systems, and is not designed or intended for standalone use.

About Radix Vertical Farms

  • Hybrid NFT & DWC grow system with integrated gravity-driven water circulation
  • Convertible between constant flow and Ebb & Flow
  • Built-in horticulture lighting fixtures with spectrum powered by SANANBIO
  • Supports all stages and varieties of plant growth
  • Can be assembled in less than 30 minutes
  • Maximum operation height of 8 layers
  • Typical standard operating height is 5-6 layers max due to strict OSHA regulations in the US

With the use of spacers, the grow beds are stacked to optimize square footage and production. SananBio’s VE spectrum LED horticulture lighting fixtures are flush-mounted on the underside of each grow bed, providing excellent lights for many types of crops. The LEDs vegetative-centric spectrum has been extensively trialed on over 300 plant varieties, including lettuce, mixed greens, Asian greens, micro greens and herbs.

Additional information

Weight 105.00 lbs
Dimensions 37.20 × 53.5 × 12.3 in