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Quicker Dripper, Pack of 6


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The FloraFlexTM Quicker Dripper is used with the Flood and Drip Shield for those who want a quicker feed than the Gravity Dripper. Each Quicker Dripper is interchangeable and was designed with three 2 mm holes to deliver water and nutrients to your plants at a uniformed rate. Fill the reservoir of a Flood & Drip Shield and let the Quicker Dripper do the rest. 


  • Use with the FloraFlexTM Flood and Drip Shield
  • Three 2mm openings
  • Snap & Pop Technology
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable
  • BPA and lead-free plastic


  • Eliminate Algae
  • Save up to 60% of your water, nutrients, and time! 
  • Automated Hand Feed + Top-Feeding Drip System (when used with Flood & Drip Shield)


  • (6) Quicker Drippers

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Weight 0.0500 lbs
Dimensions 1.000 × 4.000 × 1.000 in