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Quest Dry RDS 10 Dehumidifier


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Dehumidifies 80 pints/day @ 80?F/60%RH at just 5.4 amps. The RDS 10 offers improved performance over the PowerDry 1300, while only drawing 4/10ths of an amp more current. Comes with a high capacity pleated filter. The superior Merv 7 filtration of the RDS 10 is designed to capture mold, spores, pollen and dust ? effectively cleansing the room of dangerous particles. Lightweight and portable – 12 in wheels and retractable handle with 20 ft 120V power cord. Has flexible controls and a small footprint at 20 in x 20 in. Includes an internal pump with 33 ft detachable hose. The heavy duty ROTO case will resists dents and dings. May not be stocked in all locations. Warranty and Support: Provided by Quest.

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Weight 130 lbs
Dimensions 21.5 × 21.5 × 35 in