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Pro Gro Kit Connects 24 plants


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Earth & Grow is the world’s first available growing system that maximizes plant growth, health and production by reconnecting container-grown plants to the Earth’s energy. Plants have evolved in the ground, outside in nature. Potted plants in your home, office and greenhouse are missing the connection to their vital energy source, the Earth. Developed by a horticulturist and electrical engineer, the patent pending Earth & Grow system has been tested and approved by everyday gardeners, industry professionals, and university researchers.

  • The world’s first available growing system that uses natural electricity to enhance plant growth
  • Maximize growth, health and production
  • 100% green technology
  • Safe and easy to use
  • Connects 24 plants


Pro-Gro Kits include:
(12) 6′ Soil Probes
(12) 12′ Soil Probes
(2) 8 port Controllers
(2) Multi Ports
(1) Outlet Tester
(1) Plant Tester


Additional information

Weight 2.7000 lbs
Dimensions 12.000 × 4.000 × 4.000 in

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