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pHTestr 20 — .01 pH Accuracy *ATC (Automatic Temperatu


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Optimize nutrient strength during growth, flowering, and fruiting by knowing exactly what is going on with your plants. Use the Oakton pH tester with accurate ATC to get instant at-a-glance readings.


  • Reliable waterproof, dustproof housing
  • Replaceable electrode to provide long life and value
  • Auto shutoff conserves battery life
  • Large display screens

Replacement sensors:

  • OK-35624-09 for pHTestr 1
  • OK-35624-29 for pHTestr 2
  • OK-35653-01 pH 4.0 calibration solution

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Weight 0.2500 lbs
Dimensions 7.500 × 2.700 × 1.900 in