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PHOTOLOC Control Cable Kit, 0-10V (White)


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8′ PHOTOLOC 0-10V Communication cable kit provides the ability to send low voltage signal to a fixture to control light output and photo-period when used with controller.  Water and dust resistant push lock IP connectors. 

  • (2) 8′ PHOTOLOC 0-10V cables (2 Pin)
  • (1) TEE Connector (2 Pin)

NOTE: PHOTOLOC Control cable kit PTBCC8820W applies to PTB7680LS4, PTB9340LS4, PTB3300LS4, PTB7600LS4, PTB5600LS4, PTB3300LS1, PTB7600LS1, and PTB5600LS1 fixtures. The PHOTOLOC Control cable accessory PTBCC8820W can also be used as an extension link by simply removing the Tee connection for the newer PHOTOBIOMX PTB7680LS4X, PTB5680LS4X, and PTB3330LS4X.  For newer PHOTOBIOMX, TX, and T, please reference the PHOTOLOC kit PTBCC8850W for use as your control cable kit which is included with fixtures.

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Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 3.540 × 9.48 × 2.56 in