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PHOTOBIO PHOTO-LOC 0-10V Cable Kit, 2 Cables and TEE, 8′ (for use with the PHOTOBIO M, T, and T Duo)


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The PHOTOLOC Light Output Control kit provides the necessary cable network for 0-10V analog signal to control compatible PHOTOBIO LED fixtures. Analog 0-10V signal is generated from the Autopilot PX2 advanced lighting controller as well as a wide variety of other control solution. The twist lock connectors provide secure signal transmission and are dust and liquid resistant.  One PHOTOLOC kit is required per PHOTOBIO LED fixture.

  • Includes (2) 8 cables, and (1) Tee 
  • For use with PHOTOBIO X, M, T, and T DUO


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Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 3.540 × 9.48 × 2.56 in