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pestNOmore Aphid, Thrip, & Whitefly Trap


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These aphid/whitefly/fungus gnat/thrip sticky traps are non-toxic, water resistant, and durable.

The secret to this trap’s success is in the dual-sided, dual sticky, yellow, and blue surfaces that mimic a food source for flying insects. Clear an area of flying pests quickly and without toxins. Great for greenhouse, indoor grow and outdoor garden use.

  • Traps incorporate one BLUE side for thrips, leafhoppers, leafminer, moths and more. The YELLOW side attracts and kills aphids, fungus gnats, phorids, sciarids, whiteflies and more.
  • Sturdy stock card and special formulation glue allow the trap to get wet and remain sticky once dry.
  • When used indoors, traps last for months and holds thousands of insects.
  • Use traps in greenhouses, indoor grows, outdoor gardens, orchards or wherever flying pests are present.
  • Use traps for the monitoring and capture of insects on cannabis, citrus, apple, roses, vegetable gardens and more.

Each counter display contains 100 sticky traps and 100 twist ties for ease of use. This 6 x 7 x 2.5-inch display is designed to go by the register at check out. Each trap is individually bar coded for quick scan.

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Weight 1.8500 lbs
Dimensions 5.750 × 2.50 × 6.88 in