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Panelboard Enclosure, 400mm x 300mm


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If your electrician doesn’t already have a home for the GroBot Panelboard, this is a great enclosure for it along with your other grow room wiring. Made of a polycarbonate/ABS alloy with a clear polycarbonate lid, this box is gasketed and NEMA rated 1, 2, 4, 4X, 12, 13. International enclosure ratings IP65, IP66. That means dust-tight and watertight! 400 mm x 300 mm, approx. 15-3/4″ x 11-3/4″.

Tired of being tied down at all times to your grow or greenhouse? PurGro has just solution that you need, the PurGro GroBot Evolution. For far less than it would cost to buy separate devices, you can have the GroBot Evolution monitor and control your entire room through any Internet-capable device. Just prune your plants and refill the pump rack when needed—the Bot’s got the rest of it handled.


  • Most technologically advanced CCG system in the world, hands down!
  • Runs all aspects of your grow room right down to mixing and injecting the nutrients
  • No extras to purchase—comes complete and ready to go, all sensors included
  • All self-contained—no software to load, no computer to buy
  • Has its own internal Web server and WiFi hotspot for easy, “Zero Click” setup
  • All aerospace-grade parts, conformally coated for high humidity
  • 20 year-rated internal battery power in case of a power failure
  • Fast reacting, highly accurate, aerospace-grade sensors—responds in seconds, not minutes
  • Easier to set up than Facebook, simple Web interface and instructions on every page
  • Removable three liter dosing containers are dishwasher safe


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Weight 5.6000 lbs
Dimensions 16.250 × 12.750 × 7.500 in