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Milwaukee Instruments pH Monitor w/Hi-Low Alarm LED & User Set Point


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Professional pH monitor especially designed for use with aquariums

The Milwaukee MC120 pH Monitor is designed to continuously monitor pH, EC or TDS values directly in your reservoir. Features a user-selectable set-point. An LED visual alarm is activated and flashes when the pH, EC or TDS levels rise either above or Below (user selected) that set-point. 

Runs on a 12V adapter, so there’s no need to worry about failed batteries, and each unit comes with mounting kit, probe, probe holder and starter calibration solution.

  • User selectable Hi/Low Set Point 
  • Manual 2 points calibration 
  • Visual LED alarm 
  • Supplied with 12 VDC adapter, mounting kit, and 20 ml pH 7.01 calibration solution 
  • Double junction pH electrode with 2m cable (BNC connector)

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Weight 1.5000 lbs
Dimensions 10.50 × 4.50 × 4.50 in