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Hydrologic Pressure Booster Pump 220V Cont. Duty for Evolution-RO


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Heavy duty, commercial booster pump designed for continuous use. Includes integrated low pressure and high pressure switches. Can be used in conjunction with our float valve. Adjustable pressure dial. Direct 220V plug in. Includes pump protector / inlet filter and ” QC fittings. Does not thermally cycle. Designed to run continuously 24/7. A work horse pump that will power your Evolution-RO1000 to 80 psi and is compatible with other 1000-1500 GPD RO systems to boost them up to 150 psi. Pump requires a minimum of 20 psi to operate.

An Electronic Shut Off Kit is not required, a ?” float valve is all that is needed to automate the filling of a storage tank.

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Weight 25.000 lbs
Dimensions 18.50 × 12.7 × 10.7 in