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Hydrofarm White Measuring Bucket, 5 gal


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HG5GMEAS Measuring Bucket, 5 gal

Hydrofarm’s 5 gallon measuring bucket. This bucket is made from an opaque plastic, so you can see how much liquid is inside.  Its graduated for exact volume measurements, and can be used for measuring large amounts of nutrients, supplements, diluted solutions, runoff water, etc. It includes a soft padded carrying handle, which makes it a great general-use tote.

Dimensions: 27 1?4 in x 13 in x 25 in


  • Gallon and liter measurements
  • Ideal for measuring hydroponic solutions
  • Great for containing and transporting liquids and solids
  • Steel carrying handle with padded grip


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Weight 1.7000 lbs
Dimensions 14.44 × 11.8 × 14.4 in