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Hydro Fusion Fill & Drain Kit


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This non-electric, siphoning pump works quickly to empty your reservoir. It’ll even get that last stubborn bit of water out of your reservoir without drying out your pump. It fits right onto an ordinary house faucet and includes a micro screen to avoid any messy clog ups. Also has an automatic shutoff for filling.


  • Faucet adapter changes ordinary faucets into hose threads
  • Super pump can create over 20 lbs of vacuum and is non-electric
  • Hose shutoff valve allows you to shut off at the filling point
  • Hose guard’s micro screen and grill protect debris from getting into the pump

To watch a video of Hydro Fusion in action, click here

Additional information

Weight 0.2700 lbs
Dimensions 8.500 × 5.000 × 2.000 in

Hydro Fusion