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HumTea Brewball with Brew Kit


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HumTea Brewball Including 5-gallon HumTea Brewkit

The HumTea Brewball makes brewing plant teas easy, with a renewable and reusable container. The ability to scrub, wash, and sterilize between brewing makes the HumTea Brewball superior to conventional brew-bags. Brewing materials make brew-bags hard to scrub completely clean of particulates, leading to contaminated batches. The HumTea Brewball allows gardeners to avoid purchasing large, expensive brewers, enabling tea production in a regular bucket. The brewball unlocks and separates into two hemispheres that contain the dry materials used to brew Cutting Edge Solutions HumTea. The mesh construction allows steeping while keeping large particles contained within, making application and cleanup a breeze. Gardeners may also use the HumTea Brewball to design custom plant tea recipes. The HumTea Brewball enables gardeners to create potent liquid fertilizers, that can rapidly contact and invigorate your plants root system. The included HumTea brewkit will produce 5-gallons of our concentrated HumTea that may be diluted into a maximum of 250 gallons of water for application. Always keep your brewkit refrigerated.

  • Rigid brewball construction ensures long-term use
  • Minimize space and equipment needed to brew teas
  • Compatible with HumTea and homemade recipes
  • Cleanup and sterilization is simple and effective
  • Designed to float in water, no suspension required
  • Brewkit is refrigerated for maximum freshness

Brewball diameter: 6
Weight: .92 Lbs / .4 kg

Additional information

Weight 1.1000 lbs
Dimensions 6.000 × 6.00 × 6.00 in