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GreenGro Hemp Pods 4-1-1, case of 250


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Mycorrhiza Planter Packs with NPK, Lime, Humic Acid, and BioChar

GreenGro Hemp Pod planter packets are an inexpensive and easy way to ensure your new plantings get a vigorous start. The innovative design combines trusted fertilizer, mycorrhiza, humic acid, kelp meal, and biochar in a unique dissolvable pouch. The dissolvable pouch allows for a simple and controlled application of fertilizer, amendments and microbes directly in the root zone. The pouch will break down in minutes after the root zone is irrigated. The packets are specifically designed for industrial hemp plantings, but are equally effective with other field crops.

Mycorrhiza, Feather meal, bone meal, sulfate of potash, calcitic lime, kelp meal, humic acid, and biochar

Packaging size: Case pack: 250 30g packets per case
Pallets: 100 cases per pallet
Truckloads: 20 pallets per truck

Application rates:
Simply drop one packet per planting hole during planting or transplanting. Water thoroughly after application.

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Weight 16.5 lbs
Dimensions 10.0 × 6.75 × 10.7 in