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Gavita Instore Accessory Display


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For use in retail stores. A compact instore display to present our complete range of original accessories. Purchase as a complete kit that includes all the accessories and the nice retail display. The display includes: 12 accessory holders, 150 Master Controller accessory brochures, Interconnect Cables RJ14/RJ14, 10x 2 ft/60 cm, 10x 5 ft/150 cm – standard cable, 10x 8 ft/240 cm, 10x 10 ft/300 cm, Controller Cables RJ9/RJ14, 10x 5 ft/150 cm, 10x 16 ft/500 cm – standard cable, 10x 25 ft/750 cm, 10 3 Way RJ14 Cable Splitter, 5 ECM Controller Cable 10 ft/300 cm, 2 Temperature Probe EL Controller 16 ft/500 cm, 2 Power Supplies 120V, 3 dummy boxes for display purposes, ECM sticker, B200 Booster sticker and a 30 m temperature probe sticker.

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Weight 23.7 lbs
Dimensions 62.5 × 26 × 3.5 in