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Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System


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The Fluorowing Compact Fluorescent System is a compact package that is fully asembled and ready for you to plug in and start growing. It includes a full daylight spectrum 125W 6400K compact fluorescent lamp, built-in reflector, and 8′ power cord.

The Fluorowing’s reflector now uses metallic film specular for greater reflectivity. Super bright—5% more intensity than our previous Fluorowing model!


  • New compact and sleek design
  • Fully assembled—ready to plug and grow!
  • Includes 125W 6400K compact fluorescent lamp 
  • 8′ power cord and hanging hardware
  • Now with metallic film specular
  • CSA-certified

Additional information

Weight 8.0000 lbs
Dimensions 18.000 × 12.000 × 8.500 in