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EZ-CLONE Commercial Pro System


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The new EZ-Clone Pro System features 459 cloning sites, and is made from recyclable HDPE, which is chemically resistant and extremely durable. The open-air design eliminates stale air, reducing the risk of mold and biological issues. The EZ-Clone Pro System features pullout trays, a standard 120v outlet, and heavy-duty casters for mobility. With a 2-hour clean up time and estimated $1 per day operational cost, the system is designed to pay for itself in its first cycle.

 Healthier and more consistent clones
 Saves time and labor
 Aeroponic misting and controlled environment 
 Less waste than traditional methods
 Precision control of PH, temperature, and PPM
 No loss from dehydration or over watering
 Automated system maintains clones for days without supervision

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Weight 490.00 lbs
Dimensions 50.00 × 30.0 × 78.0 in