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Eye Hortilux DE Ceramic HPS, 1000W


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Eye Hortilux DE Ceramic HPS, 1000W

When Red Equals White in a DE
The most unique grow lamp on the market, the Ceramic HPS, is now available in a double ended version. The heavy red spectrum produces a bright white light that plants thrive under. Ceramic HPS produces high quality yields and healthy vibrant plants ready for multiple harvests!

Ceramic HPS is not your standard HPS light. A typical HPS light produces an orange light with a narrow spectral distribution. The Ceramic HPS produces a white light and has a much broader spectrum with an abundance of red spectral energy. The spectral energy of Ceramic HPS is made possible through exclusive EYE HORTILUX chemistry.

Ceramic HPS enhances essential oil production and produces plants with minimal stretching. Ceramic HPS produces vibrant colorful plants which stay strong and healthy throughout the flowering stage. Use the DE Ceramic HPS on its own in your flower room or in a checkerboard setup with our standard DE HPS grow lamp.

The DE Ceramic HPS

  • Made in the USA
  • Exclusive EYE HORTILUX Spectrum
  • Ceramic HID technology
  • Emits a clean, white light
  • Heavy red spectrum for superior flowering performance
  • Checkerboard with DE HPS or use on its own to produce a quality plant without a loss in yield
  • Compatible with e-Ballasts that operate at or above 100 kHz
  • Operated and tested before packaging
  • Glove included with lamp for safe handling
  • Full one-year warranty

NOTE: Only Phantom systems starting at serial number 297019230700001 and above are compatible. Previous serial numbers are not compatible.

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