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Eight Circuit Radio Panelboard


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If you’re setting up a new grow room, this panelboard is the way to go. Use it instead of a box full of pluggable relays! The panelboard comes with eight (8) double pole 30 amp relays so you can control eight different devices. You can run two 120V devices per relay, or eight 240V devices. Either way you wire it, you get eight (8) separate two-pole channels that can handle 30 amps EACH.

Typically, we see people wire new rooms:

  • Primary Lights (5 each, 1000W)
  • Secondary Lights (5 each, 1000W)
  • Nutrient Pump
  • Drain
  • Fill
  • CO2
  • CO2
  • Purge
  • Spare (Foliar feed or other function)

These boards are supplied without an enclosure since we assume a qualified electrician is going to be putting this inside a panelboard. Wire from your breakers directly to this board, and out to your load. Simple and effective.

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