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DM One Grow, 1 lt


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Enjoy high performance in a single bottle. Dutch Master ONE gives you all the benefits of the leading high-performance nutrients without any of the mixing hassles! ONE’s leading edge technology, developed over several years by Dutch Master scientists, has successfully married, for the first time, the high performance of a multiple part nutrient with the ease of a one part solution, no more mixing! Try ONE today — you’ll find it to be the most hassle-free nutrient in the world.

There is no nutrient that is easier to use than Dutch Master ONE. Just open the single bottle and pour the required amount into your tank. ONE gives you all the performance you need without any of the mixing woes.

No vigorous shaking when you use ONE. Other one-part nutrients claim to have full nutrient availability but they also tell you shake the bottle. That’s because those precious nutrients have reacted together and fallen out to the bottom of the bottle, meaning your plants can’t benefit from them. A dirty little secret of the intrustry is that once nutrients have reacted together, no amount of shaking is going to make them available — they become lost to your plants forever. Don’t gamble with your plants health — use the industry’s leading high performance one-part, Dutch Master ONE.

Enjoy lush green growth and abundant flowers and fruit. All of the painstaking research into accelerated plant growth and enhanced yields that go into our multiple part nutrients has provided us with the perfect base for ONE. Dutch Master ONE is designed to give you healthy, lush green plants that grow fast and yield big. Try ONE today and kiss the mixing blues goodbye!

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Weight 3.7600 lbs
Dimensions 5.000 × 2.700 × 5.200 in

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