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Dirty Dozen Starter Kit, pack of 9-pts and 3-6oz


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DIRTY DOZEN Starter Pack

• 9 Pints Liquid Plant Food: Kangaroots® Root Drench, Microbe Brew® Plant Food Activator, SledgeHammer® Nutrient Rinse, Flowers Kiss® Foliar Plant Food, Boomerang® Comeback Formula, Bembé Sweet & Dandy, Big Bloom® Organic Fertilizer, Tiger Bloom® Vicious Bloomer, Grow Big® Soil Based Formula.

• Three 6 OZ Soluble Fertilizer: Open Sesame® Early Ripening, Beastie Bloomz® Heavyweight Blossoms, Cha Ching® For Late Flowering.


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Weight 14.0000 lbs
Dimensions 17.250 × 5.500 × 8.250 in