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Capacitor HPS 1000W/Dry 26 MFD/530 VAC MIN


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Sodium 1000W/Dry 26 MFD/530 VAC MIN Capacitor (Gescap)

Capacitors store the power in the event of an increased demand on energy. High-powered drives may experience a need for a capacitor to handle the power they run, which often exceeds that available from the power source.

Hydrofarm capacitors and replacement capacitors are available in a variety of wattages, brands, and types. Choosing a capacitor to best fit your system can be a confusing process. Contact your Hydrofarm sales representative with questions or for assistance shopping for capacitors and replacements, or to ask what best suits your current ballast and grow room setup.

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Weight 1.0000 lbs
Dimensions 2.700 × 2.700 × 4.900 in