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BioSafe ZeroTol HC, 1 gal


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ZeroTol HC is a broad-spectrum bactericide/fungicide peroxyacetic acid chemistry formulated with the smaller grower in mind. ZeroTol HC is perfect for the indoor or hydroponics grower with 500 sq. ft. or less of growing space. It is a no residue, sustainable chemistry that is proven to keep diseases such as Powdery Mildew, Botrytis and Pythium at bay. ZeroTol HC has the ZeroTol name and research behind it, proven to stop pathogens in its tracks.

Promotes stronger roots and stems
No residues
Kills disease on contact
Environmentally-responsible, sustainable chemistry
Can be used around people, animals, pets, birds and other wildlife
0-day pre-harvest interval

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Weight 11.000 lbs
Dimensions 7.000 × 5.00 × 10.0 in