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Atmosphere Controller, Temp & Humidity, 15A@120vac


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C.A.P.’s simplest device for temperature & humidity control! The AIR-1 allows you to control the temperature and humidity within your growing environment.

Connect your ventilation equipment (air conditioner, fan, etc.) to the exhaust outlet. Then set your temperature and humidity to the level that you wish to maintain. If either level is exceeded, the exhaust outlets are activated to reduce heat and humidity.

Rated for 15 amps @ 120 volts. Includes a 3-year warranty. Made in the USA.

Unique Features:
• Lowers temperature and humidity by turning on an exhaust fan
• Indicator light verifies that ventilation equipment is running
• Includes 2 outlets to connect cooling device(s)
• External temperature probe is accurate & reliable
• Very affordable

Additional information

Weight 2.9000 lbs
Dimensions 8.400 × 10.100 × 6.600 in