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Anden A77 Digital Dehumidifier Control for Indoor Cultivation and Grow Rooms


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Anden A77 Digital Dehumidifier Control for Indoor Cultivation and Grow Rooms

Accurate Readings, Easy Interface
Monitor and adjust the relative humidity of your indoor growth environment with the Anden A77 Digital Dehumidifier Control. This wall-mounted unit lets you dial in relative humidity levels to create a healthy, grow-optimized environment with constant monitoring and easy adjustments. This is a wired control that connects directly to your dehumidifier for accurate, reliable readings.

 Humidity Control – Optimize the performance of your Anden dehumidifier with this wall-mounted control
 One-Touch Buttons – The intuitive interface features on/off buttons, and up/down arrows for adjusting relative humidity
 Easy Readings – The display shows the relative humidity in bold for quick, easy readings
 Wired Control – This unit is wall-mounted and hardwired to your Anden dehumidifier for accurate, reliable control
 Built to Last – Dependability is at the heart of what Anden does. Thats why they offer a 5-year warranty on this product–so you can grow with confidence

Hardwired Controls
This wall-mounted unit is hardwired to your Anden dehumidifier, giving you accurate readings and easy control without needing to directly access your dehumidifier.

Digital Display
The relative humidity level is displayed in bold on the digital screen for easy readings and quick adjustments.

Energy Savings
Accurate monitoring and precise controls can save you money on energy costs by activating your humidification systems only when theyre needed. The control includes an on/off switch and up/down buttons.

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