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Agrowtek Sensor Cable Break-Out Board – Sensor Cable to Terminal Block


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Sensor break-out board enables connection of hard-wired analog sensors such as Agrowtek’s: outdoor temperature sensor, outdoor light sensor, power monitoring sensor, liquid level sensor and standard Industrial 4-20mA sensors. Typical applications include utilizing the fourth channel that is un-used by the hydro transmitter or a basic climate sensor (without CO2.) The hydro transmitter and basic climate sensor only use channels 1-3 of the four available. The SNS-BOB break out board allows access to the un-used channels for other sensors. Can also be used to extend sensor cables using custom wire over long distances (up to 2000 ft) Includes a 6 ft cable for connection to the controller’s sensor port and a cable splitter to allow the SNS-BOB to be placed between the controller and a climate or hydro sensor. Can also be used alone to add up to four hard-wired sensor channels.

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